Saturday, November 12, 2016 | 12th Annual Service Auction

2016 Service Auction Booklet (pdf)

Our 12th Annual Service Auction is Saturday, November 12, 2016 at the UU Center.
Doors open at 6:30 pm and bidding starts at 7 pm.
2016 Auction Booklet (pdf) (3MB – 32 pages)

How does it work?

Silent Auction
The Silent Auction opens at 6:30 for viewing / 7:00 pm for bidding. The minimum bid and minimum raise for each item is written on the bid sheet by the item. To be valid, bids must comply with these minimums and be legible.

To place a bid, sign your name legibly with your bid amount on the bid sheet. Doing so constitutes a legal contract to purchase that silent auction item at the price you stated if your bid is the winning bid. The last (highest) valid bid entered prior to the section closing will be the winning bid. A maximum guaranteed bid (Win it Now!) is stated on each bid sheet. By signing your name and bid number in this box, the bidding closes. The item is yours.

The Auction Committee reserves the right to withdraw any item at any time without notice before the actual sale. In the event of a dispute, the Auction Committee shall act as final authority in determining the winning bid.

Chance Auction
Tickets for the chance auction are sold by the sheet: 26 tickets (one sheet) for $15; 52 tickets (two sheets) for $20; and each additional sheet of 26 for $10. You may bid on the items on the Chance tables by placing a ticket in the container labeled with the same number as the item you want to win. At the conclusion of the bidding, a winning ticket is drawn from the tickets in each container.

Live Auction
Live Auction bidding will begin at 8:00 pm. The Live Auction will continue until all items are sold. If a group is bidding on one item, please designate one person to place your combined bid. Auction items will be awarded to one purchaser only. A bid acknowledged by the auctioneer is a legal contract to purchase the item.

All items must be paid for by the end of the evening. For your convenience, we gladly accept both checks & cash. A 50% payment will be accepted to hold your more expensive selections. The balance is due within 30 days. Please make arrangements for those with Kathleen Hartnett during checkout.

Once the table closes, the bids will be recorded by the table monitors. If you are the winner, the table monitor will award you a sticker for your “Items Won” sheet. You may then pay for your items at the cashier and return to the table to retrieve your items.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to locate and remove his/her winning item(s) by the end of the auction. Winners of services are responsible for contacting the donor in order to receive the services offered.

Auction Events Cancellation Guidelines
Event hosts will personally contact participants prior to their event to confirm attendance.
If a guest, after signing up and paying, cannot make an event on the stated date, it is the guest’s loss. The host is under no obligation to make up the event for that guest.

If the host needs to cancel, for any reason (i.e., illness, inclement weather, etc.), the host will reschedule the event. If this is not possible, or it is not possible to reschedule it for a time when all guests can attend, those who cannot attend may request a refund from the UUCSJS Treasurer.

If the event does not have a planned date at the time of the auction, and the host cannot find a date that is acceptable to everyone, the host should hold the event more than once, or in some way take responsibility to please all guests.

Terms of Sale
Unless otherwise noted, all certificates for goods and services must be used within one year of the auction date. All items and services are subject to the terms and conditions specified by the donors.

All sales are final. There will be no exchanges or refunds. UUCSJS does not make any expressed or implied warranties or guarantees on auction items regarding quality or value of items or services. UUCSJS has attempted to describe and catalog all items correctly, but all items are offered and sold “AS IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS.”

UUCSJS neither warrants nor represents, and in no event shall be responsible for the correctness of descriptions, genuineness, authorship, provenance or condition of the items. No statement made in this catalog or made orally at the auction or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty for tax purposes or market value. Items have not been appraised unless otherwise noted.

Reservations for trips and vacation accommodations must be mutually arranged with the donor unless otherwise noted. No refunds will be allowed on travel packages for canceled tickets and/or accommodations.

By the buyer’s purchase, the buyer waives any claim for liability against UUCSJS, its elected and appointed officials, members and employees, sponsors, volunteers connected with the auction, and/or the donor of the item. Neither the UUCSJS nor the donor is responsible for any personal injuries or damage that may result from the use of the property or services.

Tax Information
This catalog lists the fair market value of each item. Any amount you pay in excess of the fair market value would normally be available to you as a charitable contribution for tax purposes. Please check with your tax advisor for specifics.