We are a liberal but diverse religious community!

We are a lay-led congregation which means we do not currently have a minister. All our services feature guest ministers, guest speakers, or lay speakers.

Our Staff includes Music Director Gina Roche and Children’s Religious Education Director Jessica Dunn Safonof.

We are governed by a 7-member Board of Trustees.

Our congregation was chartered in 2000, but before we built our own building in 2008, we had many homes. Here’s our History.

Our congregation includes liberal Christians, liberal Jews, Buddhists, Wiccans, Humanists, atheists, and others who aren’t quite sure. We do not wear these labels conspicuously, but blend together, always curious and searching for meaningful ways to look at life and religious experience. We gather each Sunday morning to hear words of wisdom and speakers on interesting topics. We sing, reflect, and enjoy the warmth of our community. We tend to dress casually. We bring our children, who have a program of their own during the service.

We are teachers, waitresses, technical writers, carpenters, retirees, musicians, stay-at-home moms, social workers and psychologists, retail workers, nurses, librarians, motorcyclists, surfers, photographers, students, chemists, realtors, utility workers, house cleaners, and business owners. We are tall, short, thin, and plump; white, black, brown, multiracial and multicultural; young, old, and middle-aged, soft-spoken and boisterous, quiet introverts and energetic extroverts; some of us are native South Jerseyans and some have just moved here. There’s room for ALL here, if we are what you are looking for!

Our attendance always includes visitors, and also friends who have not joined as full members. Our full members number a bit over 100. We are the only Unitarian Universalist congregation in the South Jersey shore area, and many members travel quite a distance to be part of our Sunday gatherings. We come from Atlantic, Cape May, and Cumberland Counties, and from places north of the Mullica River, such as Lower Ocean and parts of Burlington Counties.

We first met in 1999, in the Jordan Road School in Somers Point. We next moved to the Jewish Community Center and Jewish Family Services in Margate, then to the Catholic Campus Ministry Center at Richard Stockton College for a few years, and from February 2007 through October 2008 to the Lions Center for the Blind in Absecon. Now we are in our own building, which is across from the North entrance to Stockton University (County Route 575).

If you are a detail-oriented person, you might enjoy perusing the Congregational Survey (PDF) we conducted to describe ourselves more fully to potential ministerial candidates. Lots of charts and graphs!

Come see what we are about!