Our Mission

Through our Children’s Religious Education programming, we encourage our youth to ask questions and explore. We seek to instill in them confidence as they set out on their unique spiritual journeys. We hope to establish a lifelong dedication in our youth to the Unitarian Universalist community at large.

Our Vision

Our Children’s Religious Education Program provides weekly, age-appropriate classes covering introductions to different religions, UU history, UU identity, environmental and global issues, and social justice issues. We welcome new members to our youth program in a way that encourages them to make connections and want to return. We offer opportunities for the youth in the program to make a positive impact on our local and global community, and initiate opportunities for them to connect with other UU youth in our district.

What We Do

Sunday Morning

Each Sunday we offer something different in the way of Religious Education.

Every Sunday:

1. Families will be welcomed and encouraged to worship together in our new Family Seating Area, featuring smaller chairs and floor cushions!

2. Soul Work activities are available for people of all ages to keep their hands busy and their minds engaged during worship.

3. Volunteers are available in our downstairs nursery to care for children under 5 years old who would prefer to move around and play during worship.

4. Each week the teen childcare workers will also offer a 30 minute coffee hour makerspace in the sanctuary so parents and caregivers can enjoy fellowship after service while their children are supervised and entertained.


Here is what the sanctuary looks like now!










On the Second Sunday on the Month

Children’s RE Learning Lab will be offered for children and youth in grades K-8 during worship service on the second Sunday of each month. Following a Time for All Ages, the children and youth will be sung out of the sanctuary to our downstairs Learning Lab, where they will learn about our faith through the lens of the monthly theme using discussions, games, activities, and crafts.

On the Third Sunday of the Month

On the third Sunday of each month we will offer Adult Religious Education and Children’s RE Learning Lab following worship. (This Children’s Learning Lab will be different than the previous week so that children and youth can attend both sessions!) Adult RE classes will be offered on various topics and themes throughout the year, such as UU history and theology, memoir creation, spirituality and practice. You are not required to attend worship to attend Adult or Children’s RE after service. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend Adult RE or learn together in our Children’s Learning Lab.


On the Fifth Sunday of the Month

Every now and then a month has a fifth Sunday. In Children’s RE we celebrate this with “Joyful Noise Sunday.” This year we are inviting people of all ages to come after worship to celebrate and develop your unique Unitarian Universalist identity through music! No talent necessary – we will use kazoos, tin can drums, and egg shakers to accompany our enthusiastic (and sometimes off key) singing of our favorite UU hymns. All are welcome!


Email religiouseducation@uucsjs.org for more information. Come learn and grow with us!


Faith Formation at Home

Visit our Virtual RE Learning Lab

Want to learn with us virtually? Or want to extend your Sunday morning learning? Click on our Virtual RE Learning Lab below. The lab changes completely each month with our all church worship theme!


Soulful Home

It can be difficult to carve out time for faith at home. Especially now when parents are being asked to do so much. Soulful Home makes spiritual exploration a bit easier for busy families. Each month, families registered for our RE program receive a packet of activities centered around our monthly worship theme. The packets are broken down into eight distinct “family spaces” like “at the table,” “around the neighborhood,” “at play,” and “at the bedside.” Families can then explore our faith together with questions, stories, and activities. There is a resource shelf in the Family Seating Area of the sanctuary with materials to take home and books to borrow!


Want to know what these packets include? You can try a free sample HERE. Then send an email to our Director of Religious Education, religiouseducation@uucsjs.org, to be added to our distribution list.

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