Our Sunday Services are held at our beautiful UU Center, at the corner of Pomona Road and Liebig Street in Galloway, near the North entrance to Stockton University.

Directions and a map.

Sunday Services start at 10:00 am and last until about 11:00 am.
Child care for infants and toddlers and programs for pre-K and school-aged children are provided.
A coffee hour for socializing follows the service, with coffee, bagels and other refreshments including dairy-free, gluten-free, and peanut-free options.

YouTube recordings of services can be found at our YouTube channel.

Sunday Services Archive – 2021 through 2015

2022 Services

This Month and Upcoming…

September Theme: BELONGING

Sunday, September 4, 2022
Unions and Unitarians – Solidarity Forever
Lay speaker Kit Marlowe

How is organized labor the foundation upon which other social justice campaigns rest? Kit will explore the following:
* Relevance of labor organization for college–educated workers
* Effect of gig work on worker rights
* Current obstacles to fairness in the workplace
* How UU congregations can and should support organizing efforts

Sunday, September 11, 2022
Water Communion Service
Rev. Carol Haag

The congregation regathers after summer activities that may have slowed or changed our pace. We regather in the spirit of the fall equinox, seeking balance in our lives. We regather to share the most universal and essential element of the earth: water. You are invited to think about the place of water in your life and to bring a sample to share in a community bowl.

About Carol: Rev. Carol S. Haag retired after 13 years as the religious educator (DRE and MRE) with The Unitarian Church (now Beacon) in Summit, NJ. Since then, she has served on the Murray Grove board, as member, President, and currently chairs its Development Committee. She is a strong advocate for Universalism as the central, vital force in our Unitarian Universalist movement. She believes that Universalism embodies the critical message of inclusion for our time.

Sunday, September 18, 2022
No Future Without Forgiveness
Guest speaker Dr. Mindy Fullilove

The United States is in a state of division that has reached unexpected levels of social hostility. This has paralyzed the workings of our democratic institutions at many levels. How might we go forward? This talk looks to Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s book, No Future Without Forgiveness, for advice.

About Mindy: Mindy Thompson Fullilove, MD, LFAPA, Hon AIA, is a social psychiatrist and professor of urban policy and health at The New School. Since 1986, she has conducted research on AIDS and other epidemics of poor communities, with a special interest in the relationship between the collapse of communities and decline in health. She has published eight books, including the highly-regarded Urban Restoration Trilogy, Root Shock: How Tearing Up City Neighborhoods Hurts America and What We Can Do About It, Urban Alchemy: Restoring Joy in America’s Sorted-Out Cities, and Main Street: How a City’s Heart Connects Us All. She is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist and serves as president of the congregation in Orange, the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex County.

Sunday, September 25, 2022
Fall Equinox: Coming Together to Honor the Harvest
Lay speaker Theresa McReynolds

The time of harvest, of thanksgiving and joy, of leave-taking and sorrow. Day and night are equal, in perfect balance. And we give thought to the balance and flow within our own lives as we practice gratitude for the bright spots of the year, clearing the way for a new beginning.

October Theme: COURAGE

Sunday, October 2, 2022
I Know I Can: An All Ages Pop Up Service
Jess Dunn-Safonof, Director of Religious Education

In this all ages pop up service, you get to craft the service. What songs will we sing? What readings will we hear? What stories will we learn from together? The decisions are in your hands as you work with your group to put together all the worship elements. As we journey down the path of courage together, we will explore what it takes to change the world. We will be inspired by prophetic people who helped bend the arc of the universe toward justice. And we just might find out that we perform dozens of ordinary acts of bravery everyday, in simple ordinary ways.

Sunday, October 9, 2022
Do UUs Need a Creed? (Or Do We Already Have One?)
Guest minister Rev David Hunter

If a friend (a non-UU friend) asks you what do you UUs believe, and you recite to them the seven principles (you do have them memorized, don’t you?), are they satisfied, or do they ask about our beliefs with respect to more traditional theological topics? Are they satisfied (are you satisfied?) to say we UUs can believe whatever we want?

Sunday, October 16, 2022
Genuine Spirituality
Lay speaker Stephen McGahee

What does it mean to be authentically spiritual in our day and age? What are the “fruits of the spirit”? How do you know you are progressing on your path? How do we know whether genuine spirituality is the source of our social justice work rather than partisanship, ideology, or tribalism? These teachings help us find meaning in our suffering, transcendence amidst our difficulties, and support during our grief.

Sunday, October 23, 2022
The Power of Awe
Guest minister Rev Kim D. Wilson

Awe imbues us with a different sense of ourselves — one that is smaller, more humble and part of a greater wholeness. It can also be a powerful source of healing. We explore the connections between experiences of awe and altruism, a feeling of attunement with humanity and other positive effects on our mental and spiritual well-being.

Sunday, October 30, 2022
Honoring Halloween: Exploring Earth Based Traditions and Psychological Rituals to Heal the Pain of Loss
Lay speaker Alison Maxfield

This Sermon will explore the Pagan Concept of Halloween, Native American spirituality, and rituals from Psychology to honor and heal grief. Rituals can transmute grief back into love and appreciation, while surrendering to the grieving process. Please bring a picture of a loved on to put on the communal table. After the sermon, feel free to connect to others through the pictures of love.


Sunday, August 7, 2022
Sunday with the Arts
Music Director Gina Roche

Come and treat yourself to this delight for the senses! Music, art, and much more!

Sunday, August 14, 2022
We Are All Wounded Healers
Rev. Kim D. Wilson

We don’t get to live life without experiencing any pain — it’s a part of the human condition. Henri Nouen, author of a little book called Wounded Healers, suggests that by finding and addressing the suffering in our own hearts, we become better able to help others to heal their hurts. In this way, we can all become wounded healers.

About Kim: A lifelong UU, Rev. Kim was ordained in 2001, and she served the UU congregation in Madison, CT for 6 years. She recently retired after serving the UU Fellowship of the Poconos in Stroudsburg for the past decade. Rev. Kim recently bought a house in Emmaus, PA and has been spending her time updating the interior and planting and tending its gardens. Rev. Kim also enjoys yoga, hiking, traveling in her camper and spending time with family.

Sunday, August 21, 2022
Baseball: An American Religion
Lay speaker Deb Dagavarian

Baseball and religion have many similarities, including rituals, superstitions, moral inspiration, and reverence for the sacred. Join us to hear this somewhat lighthearted look at our national pastime.

Sunday, August 28, 2022
You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
Guest speaker Laura Kushner

Laura’s call to ministry; a story of accepting changes and finding out you may not be who you thought you were.

About Laura: Laura Kushner is a long time member of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair. She is currently attending Drew Theological School, where she is working towards her Masters of Divinity and is the Ministerial Intern for UU Faith Action New Jersey. Aside from her work within Unitarian Universalism she has taught pre-school for the past 30 years.

Sunday, July 3, 2022
Larry Kramer, AIDS, and the Pandemic
Lay speaker Tony Zitelli

A look at how the AIDS epidemic prepared us for the pandemic.

Sunday, July 10, 2022
Working with Anxiety
Lay speaker Nathan Morell

Nate Morell will present, “Working with Anxiety” an interactive talk aimed at supporting you as you navigate the experience of anxiety that arises in your internal and external worlds.

Sunday, July 17, 2022
You Can Make a Difference
Guest speakers Andy Cowgill and John Sherfey

Even before the pandemic, 48% of Atlantic County households and 61% of Cumberland County households could not afford to pay for basic living expenses. Eastern Service Workers Association (ESWA) is a free and voluntary, unincorporated membership association comprised of service, temporary, seasonal and other low-paid workers, joining together with students, teachers, professionals, clergy and other concerned residents on a volunteer basis to fight for a permanent solution to the problems involving low-income workers in South Jersey.

About Andy and John: Andy Cowgill grew up in Minnesota. After gaining a variety of experiences in community service, political organizing and activism in Ecuador, San Jose (CA), Boston and elsewhere, he became a full-time volunteer organizer in 1999. For the last 13 years, Andy has been the Operations Manager of Eastern Service Workers Association (ESWA) in Pleasantville. John Sherfey grew up in Williamstown in a family with deep roots in the South Jersey agricultural industry. John graduated from Stockton University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. John began organizing full-time in 2021, after working as a chemist and running a small business. He now serves as ESWA’s Administrative Assistant and Educational Coordinator.

Sunday, July 24, 2022
Grace Notes
Featuring Grace Notes Singers

Grace Notes Singers will share their song repertoire and invite us to sing along. The group will explain what they do as part of the Grace HealthCare Systems hospice program. The service will also include meditative readings and some silent time together. The Grace Notes Singers include our own Barbara Miller, Cynthia Grzywinski, Melissa Hutchison, as well as other local singers.

Sunday, July 31, 2022
The Blade Faces the Plate
Lay speaker Heather Swenson-Brilla

Some people can read a formal table setting and understand what the meal will be (ooh, a fish knife!) and most people know where the fork and knife “go” but the history of eating together contains deeper meanings of how we care for and build community with the people around us when we share food. Join Heather Swenson Swenson Brilla to find out how a social constructionist and occasional nihilist explains why red wine belongs in a red wine glass and how a proper table setting can activate your parasympathetic nervous system?


Sunday, June 5, 2022
Celebrating Blessings! What is a Blessing?
Jess Safonof
All Ages Service

What is a blessing? Is it as simple as what you say after a sneeze? There are blessings at the dinner table, counting your blessings, and sayings like “you are a blessing.” What do you think blessing means? Join us as we begin a month of “celebrating blessings” with an interactive, all ages service.

Sunday, June 12, 2022
Self-Compassion: Taking a “Good” Look at Yourself
Lay speaker Cynthia Grzywinski

Oftentimes our self-directed inner voice can be harsh and judgmental. How often do you find yourself thinking self-disparaging thoughts, such as: “I’m an idiot”, “I don’t measure up”, “I’m always getting (fill in the blank) wrong”. These types of negative self-criticisms rarely help, and often serve to reinforce low self-esteem, which in turn may lead to depression, anxiety, anger, et al. Let’s stop beating ourselves up and explore mindful ways to treat ourselves with the loving kindness and compassion we would extend to a friend, family member, or someone in need. Compassion begins with you.

Sunday, June 19, 2022
Summer Solstice: The Longest Day of the Year
Lay speaker Theresa McReynolds

We come together once again to turn the wheel, to celebrate the longest day of the year. We are part of nature’s cycle. We have planted the seeds of our own changes and to grow, we must accept even the passing of the sun.

Sunday, June 26, 2022
General Assembly Watch Party

2022 General Assembly broadcast from Portland, Oregon.
Join us as we watch a portion of this year’s General Assembly.

May Theme: BEAUTY

Sunday, May 1, 2022
Beltane: A Time for May Flowers
Theresa McReynolds

Where sweet desire meets wild delight. The time between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. A Wedding of the Sun God Bel and the Mother Earth. Let’s come together to Turn the Wheel.

Sunday, May 8, 2022
Flower Communion
Guest minister Rev. Dr. Marie DeYoung

May 8 is Mother’s Day. Rev. Dr. Marie deYoung will reflect on the original purpose of Mother’s Day, as founded by Unitarian Julia Ward Howe. How do we make sense of Julia Ward Howe’s call to peacemaking in these complicated times? She will also reflect on the importance of taking time to participate in community reconciliation gatherings and rituals. Unitarian Norbert Capek gifted us with the unique Flower Communion. Marie’s sermon will culminate with the community’s participation in this Flower Communion ritual. Please bring your favorite flowers to share with the community on this day.

Sunday, May 15, 2022
Immigration, Refugees, and Migrants in South Jersey
Guest speaker Jose Sanchez

Since the mid 2000’s, migrants and refugees have been settling in our area. Jose A. Sanchez will cover Catholic Charities’ Reception and Placement program; the difference between the Afghans and Cubans and Haitians regarding work, public benefits, and more, as they settle in south Jersey. Also, what we can do as a congregation to help these people when they arrive.

Sunday, May 22, 2022
Images of Eve: Patriarchal vs Biblical
Guest speaker Dr. Marcia Fiedler

What they want us to “hear” (Midrash – Rabbinical/Religious/Patriarchal Commentary); what they want us to “see” (various English translations – what is added, what is missing); what they want us to “think” as a result of what we hear and read. Listen to the literal translations from the original Hebrew Biblical Text. Come to your own conclusion.

Sunday, May 29, 2022
Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?
Lay speaker Paul Utts

These three questions from a popular UU hymn asks the questions that are the basis of almost all faith communities and, for that matter, much of scientific inquiry. But as our faith community enters a new phase, these are questions we need to ask ourselves. Paul will talk about where we came from and explore the questions of who we are as a community and where do we go from here. With our annual meeting only two weeks away, it’s time to take a good look at ourselves.

April Theme: AWAKENING

Sunday, April 3, 2022
Awaken, Rejoice, and Come In!
Rev. DC Fortune

April is a time for awakening! Spring is finally underway and cannot be denied. Stewardship season is in full swing, and it is time for us to look forward and consider what the days ahead have to offer us.

Sunday, April 10, 2022
Palm Sunday: Contemplating endings and beginnings
Rev. DC Fortune

Palm Sunday is a time of wrapping things up and preparing for a new season and awakening. Stewardship season is drawing to a close, and the time of ministerial transition approaches. What do we say in times like these? We are in a period of looking forward and looking back.

Sunday, April 17, 2022
The Easter Miracle: Awakening in the Tomb
Rev. DC Fortune

The Bible tells us Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead and continued his ministry in ancient Judea. What might it have been like to awaken in that dark tomb? So much had happened. What more could be asked of him? Looking forward to a new day can be daunting, but full of promise.

Sunday, April 24, 2022
Failure is Always an Option
Lay speaker Michael Cluff

Not all awakenings are caused by blissful epiphanies. Sometimes they come at inconvenient — or embarrassing — times. This week, Michael will talk about some of the things he’s learned from the mistakes he’s made.


Sunday, March 6, 2022
A Renewing Faith
Rev. DC Fortune

One of the basic tenets of Unitarian Universalism is that truth is not finite, but continues to be revealed. This is the basis for our fourth principle, which encourages us to engage in a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. Let us explore some of the things that we have learned and imagine what might lie ahead as our faith continually renews itself.

Sunday, March 13, 2022
Can a Dress Save the World?
Jess Dunn Safonof

Can a piece of clothing fight climate change, grow sustainable farming practices, raise living conditions in developing nations, fight the stigmas of the women’s fashion industry, and build world wide community? Join us to find out.

Sunday, March 20, 2022
Renewing Faith, Renewing Commitment
Rev. DC Fortune

It is time for our annual pledge drive, in a year that is quite different from recent years. We are in a position to renew ourselves through a renewed commitment to our congregation and our faith. Join us as we kick of the stewardship drive for a new future.

Sunday, March 27, 2022
Rev. DC Fortune and Jess Dunn Safonof



Sunday, February 6, 2022
From Fear to Faith – PDFYouTube recording
Guest speaker Charles Loflin

Fear, like all human emotions, serves an important purpose. Healthy fear alerts us to danger and prepares us to deal with it. Unhealthy fear, on the other hand, can paralyze and prevent us from fully living into our values. What are the strategies that can help shift us from fear to faith?

Sunday, February 13, 2022
Embracing all that is colorful – PDFYouTube recording
Rev. DC Fortune

Unitarian Universalist leaders spent three years studying how white supremacist culture runs through all parts of our denomination, from the national level down to the smallest committees in our congregations. What does it look like to be truly welcoming? How do we go beyond welcome to inclusion?

Sunday, February 20, 2022
How Big is Your Comfort Zone?
Rev. DC Fortune

Our “comfort zones” are the areas of experience and thinking that are comfortable to us. New ideas and new experiences can enlarge our comfort zones, but that stretching is often uncomfortable and disorienting. Join us as we examine how we can widen the circle of our comfort zones.

Sunday, February 27, 2022
A Morning With the Arts
Music Director Gina Roche

Join us for a New Year service filled with music, poetry, and song. Music Director Gina Roche coordinates this service with an all-star cast of contributors!


Sunday, January 2, 2022
Worship cancelled due to coronavirus exposure

Sunday, January 9, 2022
Living With Intention – YouTube recording
Rev Dawn Fortune and Jessica Dunn-Safonof

What will 2022 hold for us? As individuals and as a community, what would we like to set for an intention for the coming year? What might we like to leave behind from 2021? Join us for this all-ages ritual of renewal.

Sunday, January 16, 2022
Earthly Intentions – YouTube recording
Guest speaker Jethro Heiko

The annual ritual of turning sap from maple trees into rich, sweet, maple syrup goes back centuries. Through a special grant program at Stockton University, today’s guest speaker, Jethro Heiko, is able to bring that connection with nature to the public in very real ways. Join us to learn about how sustainable practices, done with intention, deepen our connections with each other and the earth.

Sunday, January 23, 2022
What tracks will we leave on this world? – PDFYouTube recording
Rev. Dawn Fortune

Living with intention calls us to a practice of mindfulness. What impact do each of my actions have on the world in which I live?

Sunday, January 30, 2022
What are your intentions? – PDFYouTube recording
Rev. DC Fortune

We are each granted one life with which we are to learn, experience, and accomplish all that we might. What will you do with that life you have been given? Will you create community? Will you explore the stars? Will you make a million dollars? What are your intentions?

Sunday Services Archive – 2021 through 2015