Sunday Services are at 10:00 am.
There is child care available and children’s religious education classes during the service.

We are located near the North entrance to Stockton University on Pomona Road in Galloway Township, NJ.

Rev Cynthia Cain is our Interim Minister until June 30, 2016.


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A Community of Reverence
Lay speaker Richard Grzywinski
Our Unitarian Universalist faith is manifested in the satisfying sense of community and friendship it inspires. But does that relationship extend into "reverence?" And should it? As many of us left our previous faith did we leave a vexing hole where reverence once resided? Do we fear reverential behavior to each other, our UU home, our UU services and rituals, and, for that matter, to all existence as somehow signifying the abandonment of reason and critical thinking? Would we be treading perilously close to "religiosity" or godliness? How can we develop a more profound relationship to the "all," encompassing wonder, devotion, charity, deep respect, and affection, i.e., reverence? Let’s explore these questions and more. We’ll finish with one simple exercise – you may be surprised at the result… I was.