Sunday, November 5, 2023 | Being Jesus | Theresa McReynolds

Sunday, November 5, 2023
Being Jesus
Theresa McReynolds

Jesus Christ has influenced the world more than any other person in human history. Though his feet trod the green hills of Galilee two millennia ago, to this day, countless devotees recount his teachings, pray to him, heal by his power, emulate his life, build churches to his glory, sacrifice for him, and kill in his name. Others revile, deny, and mock him. If ever a person has rocked the world and redirected the course of life on Earth, it is the lone Nazarene.

Bio: Rev. Dr. Theresa McReynolds, D.C., has spent the last 50 years of her life in the healing profession as a chiropractor, energy healer, wellness coach, crystal healer, spiritual counselor, ritual facilitator, and motivational speaker. She has dedicated her life to uplifting others. After many years of study, she was ordained a New Thought Christian minister in California at the Home of Truth Spiritual Center. She then went on to study with several teachers in the Goddess Tradition and was initiated as a High Priestess. Theresa has spent most of her life as an activist. She was one of the founding mothers of the Atlantic County Women’s Center, now named Avansar, as well as the Rape Crisis Center. She was inducted into the Atlantic County Women’s Hall of Fame in 2018 for social service and volunteerism. She is a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, gardener, farmer, a lover of this mother earth, and a forever student of the mysteries.

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