Sunday, December 31, 2017 | Buddhism – The Doctor is (With) In | Lay speaker Cynthia Grzywinski


Buddhism – The Doctor is (With) In
Lay speaker Cynthia Grzywinski

The Buddha said “I teach only about suffering and the transformation of suffering.” Buddhism contends suffering is a manifestation of the mind and the attachments it creates. It follows that our minds can be used toward its cessation. Currently mindfulness and meditation practices have been embraced worldwide as a means to ease suffering, and have stood up to scientific scrutiny. Is it any wonder that the Buddha has been referred to as “the great healer” or “peerless physician”? Let’s explore some Buddhist teachings, precepts and techniques that may help us more effectively deal with the pain and uncertainties of life, and find the doctor is truly within ourselves.

The Peerless Physician
The Buddha is also known as the peerless physician (bhisakko), the supreme surgeon (sallakatto anuttaro). He indeed, is an unrivaled healer.
The Buddha’s method of exposition of the Four Noble Truths is comparable to that of a physician. As a physician, he first diagnosed the illness, next he discovered the cause for the arising of the illness, then he considered its removal, and lastly applied the remedy.