Saturday, May 6, 2017 | Native Plant Sale!

For the 7th year in a row, UUCSJS will be hosting a Native Plant Swap and Sale!


For this year’s Annual Native Plant Sale we have amassed a terrific collection of container-grown nursery plants for pre-order! We’ve selected hard-to-find shrubs, trees, and perennials that are especially ecologically beneficial. Sadly, despite their value, virtually none of these are available in local garden centers. This year we are offering a selection of 8 trees, 20 shrubs, and 45 perennials perfect for sun, part-shade, or full-shade, and also for coastal conditions. We are also featuring two different perennial collections: a nine-plant Woodland Garden Gems Collection and a nineteen-plant Spring-Fall Pollinator Collection. All native plants are genetically adapted to our area and provide food in the form of nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, leaves, pollen, and nectar that best meet the needs of our local butterflies and other pollinators as well as birds and other wildlife.

New for 2017: We’ve added 11 trees and shrubs and 16 new perennials this year so even if you’ve ordered from the UUCSJS sale in the past, there’s sure to be some new gems to help you add diversity to your backyard ecosystem. We have also added a Butterfly Host Plant Collection to our popular Spring-Fall Pollinator Collection and our Woodland Gems Collection.

Note! This year we will be featuring NEONICOTINOID-FREE PLANTS!

Neonicotinoids are pesticides that are applied to many commercially-available nursery plants that are harmful to bees, caterpillars, moths, and butterflies.

Read more at the Xerces Society website:


For ordering plants to be picked up on May 5 and 6, 2017

Here are the pdf documents you can view, download, and/or print:

Plant Sale Flyer 2017 (1 page)
Plant Sale Order Form 2017 (5 pages)