Pomona Road detour during August 2021

Detour due to road work on Pomona Road

Effective Monday, August 2, 2021, Pomona Road will be closed WEEKDAYS though the month of August.

The Atlantic County Highway Department will begin road widening and resurfacing activities on Pomona Road. For the next 30 days, Pomona Road will be closed to through traffic from Duerer Street to the Garden State Parkway.

Please see the following alternate routes and map for ways to access our building during this time.

  1. Exit the Parkway at exit 41 (North or South) to Jim Leeds Road (west) going toward Stockton, take the right fork near the pizza place (Duerer Rd), pass Pomona Rd and turn right on Zurich to the end of Zurich which is a T intersection with Liebig. Turn right on Liebig. UU center on the left. (This path indicated in light purple on the map.)
  2. Exit the Parkway at exit 44 turn right from Pomona Rd onto Moss Mill Road (toward Egg Harbor City), Take a left on Odessa (yellow and dark purple line) Take a left on Liebig, UU center is on the left.
  3. Enter Stockton’s campus from Jim Leeds Road. Park in the parking lot across the street from the UU center and carefully walk across the street. (Feasibility depends on actual construction activity).

(Click map to enlarge)

alternate routes during road work August 2021