January 6, 2020 – A Letter from Rev Dawn Fortune

Gentle People,

I am sure that you are as disturbed and upset as I am at the events of this afternoon and evening (January 6, 2021) at the US Capitol. Not in living memory have we seen the security of that building of the two chambers of congress breached by insurrectionists threatening harm to our government and its leaders.

I want to encourage you to heed the advice of Presbyterian minister Fred Rogers, who taught us to, in times of trouble, look for the helpers.

There will always be helpers in times of trouble and chaos. Today we saw the US Capitol Police and US Secret Service spring into action to keep members and leaders of our Congressional bodies safe from harm, even as those domestic terrorists broke down doors and shattered glass to breach the security of those rooms.

It is a scary time, and today’s events will have ramifications that will spread like ripples in a pond for weeks and months to come. I want you to know that you are not alone if you are anxious about these upsetting images. You are not alone if you are angry. You are not alone if you are frustrated at the very different response to these rioters than the response to the Black Lives Matter protesters last summer. There is a LOT to be mad/anxious/afraid/upset about. Know that you are not alone in those feelings, and know that there are good people in place who are working to bring an end to the chaos and restore something like order to the halls of government.

I am back from vacation ahead of schedule so I can be available if you need to talk about your feelings around these events.

I encourage you to keep breathing, to drink extra water, and to limit the amount of news coverage you consume each day. Your hippocampus and adrenal system will thank you.

I will be back in the pulpit on Sunday morning, and Heather Brilla’s sermon will come to us later this spring season.

Keep breathing.

In shared ministry to our community,
Rev. Dawn