Saturday, November 11, 2017 | 13th Annual Service Auction!

UUCSJS 13th Annual Service Auction

November 11, 2017

Doors open 6:30 pm
Bidding begins 7:00 pm


2017 Auction Catalog (PDF – 2.9MB)

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction is anything but! It’s the largest of the auctions in that it includes events, items, services, handmade items and baked goods. It gets awfully noisy in what we call the “sanctuary.”

Let’s discuss bidding on the Silent Auction. Each item or event or service has a sheet on which you write your name and bid. Bid high, or check back, because someone may outbid you! If the bids are a fixed price, as with events, you win it when you write your name on one of the pre-numbered lines.

The “Win it now” price means that if you really, really, really want the item, you can write your name on the bottom line next to the “win it now” price and give the sheet to the table monitor. You pay that price – which is usually closer to the estimated value of the item – but that perfect item will be yours before the evening is out!

Live Auction

The Live Auction is when you get to hold up your number to bid on something as the auctioneer calls out the offered bids. This is the big time, the main event, the show, the major leagues, the cat’s pajamas. This is when – unlike when you were in grade school and had to use the bathroom – holding up your hand could get you in serious trouble. But this is also the most fun part of the auction! Don’t dare wave to someone in the front row, or you could be the proud, new owner of a baby carriage.

Chance Auction

The Chance Auction is exactly that – all up to chance. You buy a sheet of tickets, and place a ticket in a small bucket in front of the items you want. Then, we pick a ticket from the cup, and if your number is picked, the item’s yours.
Winning or losing is pure luck. Unless you stuff the cup with tickets that cost you more than the item would have cost at Target. And then you still might not win it!

And to those of you who believe that one person’s junk is another person’s treasure . . . get real! If it’s your junk, it’s my junk and it’s their junk. If you donate something we cannot place in the Chance Auction, we will donate it to a worthy charity.