2016 Annual Native Plant Sale & Swap A BIG SUCCESS!!!

This year’s plant sale and swap was our most ambitious and most successful to date!

We take pride that we are helping to spread the important message of sustainable landscaping to folks in southern Jersey — and take pleasure that the message is energizing people to take positive steps to create better-functioning backyard ecosystems.

This year 80 customers pre-ordered 267 shrubs and trees of 28 different species and 1,012 perennials of 32 different species. In addition, at the Swap, hundreds of native plants were swapped or purchased and Raven Ahmed graciously offered additional plants for sale as well.

That’s a total of more than 1600 native plants helping to enhance backyard ecosystems in southern Jersey. GOOD WORK TO EVERYONE INVOLVED! And, lest I forget to mention –we raised $5,000 at the same time!

Heartfelt thanks to all the UUCSJS volunteers who helped with the myriad of tasks needed to pull off this annual event. A special shout-out goes to those of you who helped with the Friday off-loading and set-up in the pouring rain!

Our volunteers who unloaded and set up plants in the pouring rain on Friday morning